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Secondary Chinese Tuition Can Help Improve Your Child's Chinese Grades

Mastery of Chinese is of great importance not only because it is one of Singapore's official languages but all the more so if it is your mother tongue. Allowing your child to receive enrichment in this area through secondary Chinese tuition is one effective and practical way to help boost their scores and overall performance in this subject. Although each child is different, when it comes to Chinese, generally most students struggle with fundamentals such as reading and comprehending text. At Tueetor, classes are customised to aid the learner with his or her specific weaknesses. Your child can access a tutorial in a safe environment like in the comfort of your own home, a tuition centre, or in any other location agreed upon by both parties. One-on-one and group class options are available, adding another level of convenience to the learning process.

At Tueetor, your child is guaranteed superior private tuition with an experienced subject matter expert with relevant credentials. The aim of every trainer is to ensure students are given proper guidance and motivation to achieve their goals without the constraints of rigid rules usually enforced in a classroom at school.

Best secondary school Chinese tuition in Singapore

Tueetor's unique mapping technology pairs up a trainer with a learner. As a parent, you can maximise this platform's feature and interview a shortlist of potential trainers and even negotiate the location for the tutorials including the price for the sessions. Because it is a self-serve system, available 24x7, you can carefully and efficiently select the best secondary school Chinese tuition to match your child's particular requirements or interests.

Here are some areas where your child might need assistance.

#1 Reading and comprehension

A child will find it challenging to score high in exams if he or she cannot read or understand basic Chinese text due to poor vocabulary or comprehension. Poor performance in these areas leads to errors, low marks in exams which ultimately affect their final overall grades.

#2 Vocabulary and common phrases

To boost scores especially in writing and oral exams, learning and memorizing common phrases and idioms will go a long way. Training students to effectively use higher level vocabulary in their essays and orals is one of the steps that can help learners get a head start in the right direction.

#3 Speaking

Preparation for the reading and conversation components is crucial in acing one's Chinese oral exams. Consistent practice especially of pronunciation and pacing when reading and speaking is necessary to improve one's Chinese language skills.

#4 Test preparations

Attempts to improve one's fundamentals regardless of language do not happen overnight. It takes patience, a lot of practice, and guidance as well as motivation from an expert tutor. Constant practice sharpens the learner's ability to accurately craft answers that will complete the task assigned and score high marks every single test.

Let Tueetor help you find the Chinese tutor to match your child's individual needs --- at the best location, time, and price. If you require any assistance with the use of our website or app, please call us at +6562066660.

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