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English Tuition for Secondary Students

Private English tuition for secondary students has become increasingly important to ensure that your child is able to cope with the demands of a strict school curriculum. Most if not all Singaporeans are bilingual and learn English as it is the main medium of instruction in schools. The country's bilingual language education policy requires primary and secondary students to learn English and their mother tongue as a second language to promote a dual-language learning system. This is where Tueetor comes in to help as it provides a practical and effective way for parents to find the best private tutor for their child via an efficient, self-serve system accessible 24/7 perfect for busy parents.

Parents can conveniently shortlist, select and interview a trainer that matches their child's learning style and needs using a mapping technology unique to Tueetor's platform. You can also choose to negotiate the location, time, and price for the lessons. At Tueetor, you can engage the best English specialists in your area to make sure your child receives superior subject matter tuition at the most competitive price. You can elect to book a private one-on-one session at home or a small group class in a tuition centre of your choice using the website or app.

Top secondary English tuition in Singapore to help boost your child's abilities

Allowing your child to receive excellent secondary English tuition in Singapore can help improve his or her English abilities which will reflect both in their academic performance and application of the language in their daily lives. Private tuition in a comfortable and controlled environment sans the rigid school rules gives them a better chance of learning in a less stressful manner.

Learning English is crucial not only because it is requisite to secondary education in Singapore but equally important because it is spoken by about 400 million people around the globe. Here are some other reasons why English mastery matters.

• As the international language of communication, it is key to successfully communicating with an increasingly English speaking global population. • Fluency in English also gives you more access to the internet, media, and many forms of entertainment.  
• It may not be spoken by all countries however it is the official language of 53 nations and it is also the most common second language in the world. Having good English skills will make socialising with others easier. • It is the dominant language in business, computers, science, diplomacy, tourism, aviation, hence being a native speaker or having high English skills gives candidates an edge especially if they aim to join the global workforce abroad or in a multinational company within their country.  

English is an important aspect of your child's life as it increases their opportunities for education, entertainment, work, and especially socialisation. Mastering English on top of a mother tongue language can be challenging for your child. Tueetor can help you find the English tutor to match your child's specific needs --- at the best location, time, and price. If you require any assistance with the use of our website or app, please call us at +6562066660.

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