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Math is one of the foundation level subjects in Singapore's education system and it has become an increasingly difficult subject to score in. Parents now turn to private tutors and tuition centres to help their child cope.

Depending on each child, some kids can thrive better in group environments and some improve tremendously with the help of a private tutor. Tueetor provides you the option for both, and best of all - there is no middleman, and there isn't an unreasonable 'market' rate to abide by. Being a self-serve platform, you get to compare as many options as you like. From lower primary to upper primary for PSLE, lower secondary to upper secondary for both Additional Mathematics (A Math) and Elementary Mathematics (E Math) for GCE O-level, H1 & H2 Math for the Junior College level for GCE A-level, Integrated Programme (IP) Math and IB Math, even Math Olympiad, find a Math tutor or tuition centre using Tueetor today.

We have more than 1000 private Math tutors of all ages and experiences, including tutors with Singapore's Ministry of Education certifications and experiences teaching in local schools. You as a parent, will get to talk them, interview them on your own, negotiate the location and even the price. Some of our Math tutors even allow you to arrange for a free trial class. There are no rigid schedules to follow, no deposits required, that easy!

For group math tuition that are run by our premium partners, we guarantee that we have the lowest price in the market. These are also tuition centres in Singapore that are well-known and have proof from existing and previous students showing massive improvements in their grades.

Does your child have Math Anxiety? These are the symptoms and why you need a Math Tutor!

Even though Math is so important, compared to the other foundation level subjects in Singapore's public schools' curriculum, Math seems to be the hardest subject to score in. How would a low grade in Math affect their final score? Therein lies the origination and perpetuation of Math Anxiety. This is also the reason why you should get a Math Tutor for your child to cope with these symptoms.

According to Edutopia, Math Anxiety is a legitimate concern for many educators as it hinders the progress of the child. It is not mere dislike for Math - it is a real problem as it blocks the brain's working memory and it helps to self-perpetuate this vicious cycle of math avoidance, low achievement and fear. Math anxiety may manifest as early as kindergarten, and as many as half of all primary school students. So how can you tell if your child has it?

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Avoiding the work Lack of response, frozen, stressed Tears or fits of anger Low achievement, low grades Negative Self-Talk -
'I can't do it'

You have to get the buy-in from your child. Once there is commitment to wanting to improve, you will then need to get the buy-in from a Math tutor who will commit to your child, and not just his or her grade.

Amongst Tueetor's base of more than 1000 Math tutors, and the plenty of tuition centre options, find one that suits your child. More often than not, your child that is anxious about Math would need a tutor that is patient. The Math tutor would be kind, not judgmental and someone that can make your child feel bigger than they are feeling even when they make mistakes. The Math tutor should make your child feel safe and should be someone that is willing to listen and to care for the child. With so many options on Tueetor, take your time to find the right fit for your child because besides being good at Math, your tutor would have to communicate with your child to help them overcome the anxiety that exists.

With Tueetor, you can now find the Math tutor that best suits your child's learning needs - at the best location timing and price. If you need any assistance using our website or app, please call us at +6562066660.

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